JimGainer Ferrari Challenge Stradale Body Kit

for the 360 Modena


Article from Rosso Magazine January 2007

Challenge Stradale body kit for the Ferrari 360 Modena - Front bumper and rear spoiler with diffuser.

If you install the Challenge Stradale Body Kit on your 360 Modena, you will enhance the appearance along with the performance of your vehicle.   The purpose of the new body kit is to improve the handling of your 360 Modena because of the desin for better air resistance.  Usually, when you drive 200km/hr you may lose the feel in the steering and the car may be a little uncontrollable, however with this new design you will immediately feel the difference.  With the added down force, you will feel your car sticking to the pavement, which allows better feel and handling.  When accelerating, you will feel additional down force and complete control of your new 360 Modena.

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Front Spoiler
Rear Spoiler
Side Skirts Diffuser

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