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Make sure you check out our gallery page in our website for the newest pictures from our SEMA

event 2009.  Also check out our new website in the works for our newest parts for our JDM brothers.

We have decided to jump headlong into the JDM world with many new parts and new manufacturers

from Japan such as Aimgain, Auto Couture, Blitz, Burnout, Colt Speed, Mines, Neez, Ridox, SSR,

Shadow Sport Design, and Weds to name just a few.  Also make sure you jump to our new website from

the front page of

SEMA 2009

We will be out at SEMA 2009 once again in the South Hall booth number 46133.  Please make

sure that you stop by and say hello.  We have another great collection of vehicles going

this year including our very own new Nissan GTR with a complete Shadow Sport Design

package including wheels.  We also created a GTR version of our famed JG5 wheels for the

Ferrari F360 and F430 lines.  To RSVP a time to speak with us make sure to call 626.336.7770

and ask for Hisanori or John.  Happy SEMA!



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